Additional Water Well Services

Water Well Abandonment Services

An unsealed or improperly sealed well can be a threat to public health and safety. It can alter the quality of the current groundwater resources. So proper well abandonment is a critical final step in the service life of a water well.  Contact us today for property well abandonment services at 218-346-3250 for more information!

We know that there are additional needs when it comes to water wells, aside from installation. Check out these resources for more information. Geo Tech of MN also provides the following services for water wells to ensure your system is running at its peak performance:


  • Water Well Repair

  • New Well Pump Installation

  • Water Pressure Tank Installation

    There are many factors that you need to consider before installing a water pressure tank. The purpose of the tank is to increase the water pressure in your home and it performs this function by storing high-pressure water from your house’s main supply line.

    Some people’s homes are not located on the public water system. They have their own private well, which requires a pressure tank for the water system to work properly. At Geo-Tech of Minnesota, we know that proper water pressure is an essential part of your daily life! We strive to provide total comfort and satisfaction with our water pressure tank installation services.

    • How a Well Pressure Tank Works

      A pressure tank stores and supplies water to your house under pressure. The compressed air in the tank helps the water pressure stay consistent. When the water pressure falls below the cut-in pressure, the pressure switch will activate the pump until the water pressure in the tank increases to the cut-off pressure.


  • Water Pressure Tank Repair

    Water pressure in your home is vital to daily living. Having adequate water pressure is very important for the day to day tasks of cooking, washing and cleaning. When you are short on water pressure it can be a major inconvenience and affect your family’s peace of mind. Water pressure tanks help to maintain the water pressure in a home or commercial building. They are used in conjunction with the house plumbing system’s water supply and shut off valves, along with the water service line. Water pressure tank repair is an important aspect of your home to keep an eye on, as you want to be sure that water pressure stays consistent in each room. If a water pressure tank is not working properly, it can create a negative experience for your customers and visitors.

    One of the most common issues with water pressure tanks is a leak or burst pipe within the tank. This can cause damage to the interior components of the tank and may lead to long-term maintenance costs if left untreated. Water pressure tanks require professional maintenance. If you put off repairing or replacing your tank, you could end up with a catastrophic failure of the system that can cause major damage to the pipes in your home.


  • Jet Pump Repair

Geothermal well drilling

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