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No water or lost water pressure? Let one of our friendly well drilling specialists help today with all your water pump and water well repair needs.

Geo Tech specializes in creating lasting groundwater wells for homes throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our well drilling specialists have mastered their craft over several decades of shared experience. They can perceive just what your land requires at a glance. Our drills represent the best and most current equipment our industry has to offer. Therefore, you can expect fast and thorough work from us. View the life-cycle of a water well here.

24/7 Water Well Services

We are your water well contractor!  We’re here 24/7, 365 days a year to help with your service needs. Whether it’s well pumps, controls, or a new tank, we have all the parts and supplies you will need. With over 50 years’ worth of combined well drilling experience, we have the expertise to solve your problems and get your water supply flowing.

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Well Drilling Experts

We back our well drilling expertise with our proficiency in the technology that wells require to remain effective. Whether you are opting for a standard or a newer constant pressure system in your well or would like help understanding either type’s merits, we are standing by to give you the best our business has to offer.

Water Pump Service & Repair

We provide repairs and service on all demands needed to work properly. The following are only a few of the areas within our domain. If you are uncertain about what is causing your water pump to not operate properly, send us a message or call us at 218-346-3250. You can count on us to identify and address the problem fast and effectively.

Geo-Tech of Minnesota is a qualified well-repair specialist

If your home is supplied by a private well, you are responsible for its maintenance. Part of this maintenance is having the well water tested regularly and repairing the well when it needs it. But what do you do when your well needs repairs?

The first step is to find a qualified well-repair specialist. Geo-Tech of Minnesota will offer a free consultation to assess the problem. During this consultation, we will test the water and examine the well. We will then provide you with a report that outlines the problem and the recommended repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Well?

When a well breaks, it can be a very costly repair. The cost of the repair will depend on a number of factors, such as the depth of the well, the type of well, the severity of the damage, the location of the well, and the availability of parts.

What are the factors that affect the cost of fixing a broken well?

The depth of the well: One of the main factors that will affect the cost of fixing a well is the depth of the well. If the well is shallow, then the repairs will be cheaper than if the well is deep. The deeper the well, the more expensive the repairs will be.

The type of well: Another factor that will affect the cost is the type of well. There are different types of wells, such as artesian wells, boreholes, and hand-dug wells. The type of well will affect the cost of the repairs because different types of wells require different types of repairs.

The severity of the damage: The severity of the damage will also affect the cost of the repairs. If the damage is minor, then the repairs will be cheaper than if the damage is major.

The location of the well: The location of the well will also affect the cost of the repairs. If the well is in a remote location, then the cost of the repairs will be higher than if the well is in a more accessible location.

The availability of parts: Another factor that will affect the cost is the availability of parts. If the parts are readily available, then the cost of the repairs will be lower than if the parts are not readily available.

How can I tell if my well needs repairs?

  • There are several signs that your well may need repairs, including:
  • Low water pressure or no water coming out of the faucet
  • Dirty or cloudy water
  • Strange noises coming from the well or pump
  • High electric bills due to the pump running constantly
  • Increased presence of sediment in the water
  • Unpleasant smells or tastes in the water

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to have a professional well inspector or contractor come out to assess the situation and determine the necessary repairs.

Warning Signs Your Water Well Is In Trouble

Your water well is an important part of your home, and it needs to be properly maintained to function properly. There are a few warning signs that your water well is in trouble. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to contact the specialists at Geo-Tech of Minnesota right away.

  • The water level in your well is dropping
  • The water pressure in your home is low
  • The water in your home is discolored
  • There is an odd taste or smell to the water

If you notice any of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be able to help you diagnose the problem and find a solution.

Can I use bleach to clean my well system?

While bleach can be effective in disinfecting a well system, it should be used with caution and only as directed by a professional. Overuse of bleach can damage the well system and contaminate the groundwater, potentially causing health issues. It’s important to have a professional well contractor test and analyze the water in your well before attempting to clean it with bleach or any other chemical treatment.

What can cause a well to collapse?

There are several factors that can cause a well to collapse, including:

  • Poor construction or installation
  • Corrosion or damage to the well casing
  • Extreme weather conditions, such as flooding or drought
  • High levels of sediment or minerals in the well water
  • Age and wear and tear on the well structure

If you notice any signs of a potential well collapse, such as sinking or cracking of the ground around the well, it’s important to have a professional well contractor inspect the well and make any necessary repairs.

How often should I have my well inspected?

It’s recommended to have a professional well inspection done at least once a year to ensure that your well system is working properly and to catch any potential issues before they become major problems. If you notice any signs of well pump problems between inspections, such as low water pressure or strange noises, you should have your well inspected as soon as possible.

No matter your water well needs, we are standing by around the clock to provide any emergency service you may need. If you’ve encountered a problem, reach out to a member of our personable customer service department right away for quick and affordable relief!

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