Water Well Drilling

Geo Tech specializes in creating lasting water wells for homes throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our well drilling specialists have mastered their craft over the course of several decades of shared experience and can perceive just what your land requires for a quality water well practically at a glance. Our drills represent the best equipment our industry has to offer, so you can expect fast and thorough work from us. We additionally provide irrigation wells for our community’s agricultural concerns.

We back our water well drilling expertise with our proficiency in the technology that wells require to remain effective. Whether you would opt for a standard or a newer constant pressure system in your well, or would like help understanding either type’s merits, we are standing by to give you the best of our business.

We provide repairs and routine maintenance on all of the systems water wells demand to work properly. The following are only a few of the areas within our domain — if you are uncertain whether one of these or something else is causing your well to not operate properly, count on us to identify and address the problem fast and effectively.


Essentially the reason your well no longer requires a bucket and rope, pumps represent the pivotal pieces in all water wells. Whether you have a shallow or deep well pump, or a more complicated housing-mounted convertible jet well pump, we’ll keep it healthy and running so you can always depend on your water source.

Control Boxes

If your water well is not performing as you would have it, this mass of circuitry may be the culprit. The control box monitors a well’s water pressure in order to control its pump, so keeping it performing is key to a reliable well system.

Pressure Switches

As they control the activity of the water pump, pressure switches can cause any number of problems when they act up, including the pump’s failure to turn on or off. Although repairing pressure switches is neither an expensive or lengthy project, we advise putting their care in the hands of professionals.

No matter your well needs, we are standing by around the clock to provide any emergency service you may need. If you’ve encountered a problem, reach out to a member of our personable customer service department right away for quick and affordable relief!