Having a personal well is the best way to ensure you also have a plentiful source of quality water. If you ask anyone who lives in one of the 23 million households which currently rely on private wells, they’ll tell you the freedom and comfort which can only come from self-sufficiency cannot be beat.

But having your own well does come with additional duties. Individual well owners are responsible for the safety of their own water, as government rules and regulations which protect public water systems do not apply to private ones. Proper construction and continued maintenance are integral to keeping your personal water supply safe. Despite that, we at Geo-Tech of Minnesota believe it’s well worth it to drill your own water well. (If you’re only just beginning to consider it, then you may want to read our blog post How Does the Water Well Drilling Process Work?)

Once you have constructed your well, regular maintenance is essential to ensure there are no issues which could put your and your family’s health at risk. This typically entails regularly inspecting and maintaining the well system, as well as testing its water for possible contaminants. You should perform both of those tasks once a year.

In addition to annual testing, you should constantly remain on the lookout for any irregularities in your water’s taste, smell and coloration. If something seems off, it calls for water testing. Furthermore, if there is a significant event in your area such as a flood or new nearby construction, that is a good time to test your water as well.

Here’s what the CDC recommends:

“At a minimum, check your well every spring to make sure there are no mechanical problems; test it once each year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. If you suspect other contaminants, you should test for those as well. However, spend time identifying potential problems as these tests can be expensive. The best way to start is to consult a local expert…”

In Perham, Minnesota and the wide surrounding area, Geo-Tech is the local expert. Having your water inspected by a qualified Minnesota well driller like us is the surest way to make certain your drinking water is up to par. We’re already aware of known problems in our wide area of service, and thanks to our extensive understanding of well drilling we’re able to troubleshoot any issue – even if we didn’t originally construct your well.

We take the safety of our clients’ well water seriously. We require only a small sample to test for all the most common well water contaminants including coliform bacteria, fecal coliform bacteria (such as E. coli), nitrate and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We also emphasize fast turnaround times for our professional well water testing services. If you suspect your water is impotable, we’ll quickly confirm whether or not that’s the case and advise the best course of action if it is.

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality Minnesota geothermal heat pumps, water well drilling and testing services to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a new water well system or simply want basic maintenance or testing, we’re here to help. With our unrivaled expertise, commitment to quality and state-of-the-art equipment and materials, you can enjoy true peace of mind that we’ll get the job done right.

Contact Geo-Tech of Minnesota today! It doesn’t matter whether you draw water for residential, commercial, agricultural or municipal use. With us, you’re always well taken care of.